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Nike SB Dunk Pack


Global Release






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The Nike Sb Dunk Cohenology Pack was the first and second sneaker release from Laced Society; these pairs sold out each release. Only 40 exclusive pairs were released worldwide, from California to Japan.



The Idea

The original idea from the client was to do a galaxy-themed dunk in south beach colors. After various designs, the client couldn't pick just one, so instead opted for a mismatched pair of the two designs that he loved.



The Origin

The completed product included both designs and created a buzz on social media. Inboxes began flowing in, and the idea to design and release a pair came into the picture. I reached out to the client and discussed the idea with him, an agreement that a pair should release while he maintains the only mismatched pair furthermore named the shoe after him to show my appreciation. The Cohenology SB Dunk High was born.


SsoBe galaxy package mock up.png

The Revamp

Now it was time to work, me being a huge Sb Dunk fan and a designer, I've always had the "what if" thought in my head. I love the SB brand when collaborating with other brands; it's usually a complete package. Being that "Concepts" has done some of my favorite collabs, what better way to show homage to the brand and collaborators than to do this release as if I collaborated with Nike SB myself. I designed everything from the box to the dust bags, stickers, hang-tags, and insoles. It even included special packaging for the laces.



The Release

February 22, 2019, is the date of the first release. It took social media by storm. Well-known SB pages shared and posted the information for the release, and all pairs sold out. I was mind-blown. I went on to do a re-release on July 15, 2019, due to the overwhelming response, and they sold out as well.


The Second Coming

The response to the high pair was overwhelming. I did not want to stop there because I felt that there was still work to do in paying homage to a brand that I love. One of my favorite pairs is a collaboration between Nike SB x Premier. The "Northern Lights" SB Dunks. A high and low pair released, and they inspired the original design.  I knew what was needed, so I dropped the lows on Black Friday 2019.



The New Release

The lows release was November 29, 2019, Black Friday. These received even more responses than the first pair and again sold out.


The Pack

The completed pack. The design changed in minor ways over time due to unforeseen circumstances. What originally was an ice bottom, and the white interior became black; the colors became more vibrant and finished off with a flat seal.


Looking to collaborate on a pair of your own?

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