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Jordan 1 OG High
OG High


Jay Davis




San Francisco,CA


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The Jordan 1 OG High Tiffany/Off-White was a "what if" design. What if Diamond Supply collaborated with Off-White on a Jordan 1? How would that look? See Below

Untitled_Artwork 6.png

The Idea

The idea was to bring together two iconic shoes into one: the Off-White Jordan 1 and the Diamond Supply Tiffany SB Dunk. The design would include an OW swoosh and branding, the Tiffany Dunk colorway, and the Tiffany faux crocodile skin.



The Package

The packaging for these was a simple briefcase with OW-style quotation branding, and this was due to the OW style of being clean and simple yet effective.



The Product

Upon opening the briefcase, you'd notice that the shoes were foam fitted to maintain simplicity and compliment the shoe, which is the project's primary focus.



The Finale

The final project ended as designed, utilizing key OW pieces and the iconic Tiffany SB Dunk colorway and faux crocodile skin. It also included four pairs of laces to mix up the look and give an authentic OW feel.


Looking to collaborate on a pair of your own?

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